IMG_0794 Matthew & Maria Buck’s wedding in a word: Unforgettable!  When I talked with our couple during the planning process they warned me that things might get a little rowdy.  Now while things never got out of control or too over the top, there are quite a few moments I will remember fondly; the “special” dances performed by one of the guests wearing a tie on his head, the garter & bouquet tosses, the anniversary dance celebrating 49 years of marriage by the groom’s aunt and uncle.  Let’s just say the Acacia Club in Williamsport was rocking!

IMG_0782But it wasn’t just about the dances; it was also about the beauty of the night.  Maria looked stunning in her dress, and if I might add Matthew was looking pretty sharp in his suit.  The bridesmaids were in beautiful soft yellow gowns while the groomsmen wore great charcoal grey suits.  All of the colors really seemed to align.  Maria & Matthew wanted to add yellow to the Acacia Club.  Nevill’s Florist in Montoursville helped by decorating each table in yellow flowers.  To add to that, we used uplighting to accent the walls of the first floor, the dance floor, and the head table in a soft yellow.  As beautiful as Acacia Club is, Matthew & Maria’s choice of color took the room to another level.

My favorite moment from the wedding had to be the look on Matthew’s face when he saw the venue for the first time.  He couldn’t believe how well the uplighting and the custom monogram they helped design turned out.  A very close second choice for my favorite moment had to come from the garter & bouquet toss.  Matthew’s “sexy” dance over to Maria to show that he “deserved” to get her garter started a trend that one of Maria’s relatives who caught the garter continued with the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet.  I have to give props to Maria’s cousin because he had no idea what was about to happen, but played the part well.  The more he danced, the more the audience egged him on and I’m still smiling from it.

IMG_0823I always love when I get a chance to work with some of my favorite vendors, and this wedding was no different.  Mitra & the staff of the Acacia Club are awesome. From the initial contact to the goodbye at the end of the night, it’s always a pleasure to work at this venue.  Larry & Jen Flint of Flint Photo really know how to capture the candid shots of the night (in fact many of the shots on the front page come from their handiwork).  Chef Hosch and his wife Ann prepared a delicious meal, one of the best I’ve ever had at a wedding.  Their family style meal of salmon, beef, chicken and vegetables were prepared perfectly as if they were only cooking for one table, yet had no trouble doing this for all 27 tables that night.

I had so much fun at Matthew & Maria’s wedding.  Thanks so much for having me!


Acacia Club, Williamsport, PA Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Maria Buck
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