I love weddings like this.  When the crowd starts cheering and all you’ve done is say “Welcome to Jill & Ed’s wedding,” you know it’s going to be a good night!  By the time I left The Barn at Boone’s Dam in Bloomsburg, PA I was beat, as this party crowd did not disappoint.  It was nonstop energy from beginning to end, and as hyped up as that makes me, it also drained everything from me.


Polish Dollar Dance

In my 15 years of DJing weddings, I’ve never experienced or been asked to do a Polish Dollar Dance.  In fact, before Jill & Ed brought it up at our planning meeting, I never even knew about it.  The basic premise is simple: people line up, pay a dollar, get a shot and then dance with the bride.  Seems a lot like the traditional dollar dances I’ve done, except for a few differences.  The song playing is a polka, the bride is wearing a Babushka (a type of head covering), and after the guests finish dancing with the bride they form a circle around the bride that the groom must eventually fight his way through to claim his bride.

IMG_0966Favorite Moment

My favorite moment from the wedding is the dancing.  It didn’t matter the style of music; I played oldies, classic rock, country, old school, even new top 40 and hip-hop songs and with every song, this group got more and more excited.  They clapped to the beat, stomped their feet, cheered, danced, and created one heck of a time!

Extra feature

IMG_0927The Barn at Boone’s Dam is a beautiful venue with gorgeous grounds outside.  Jill & Ed’s guests enjoyed a cocktail hour out on the lawn.  One feature we offer to our clients is the opportunity to have music for the cocktail hour without having to worry about it being in the same room as the main part of the reception.  For this particular wedding we were able to put a speaker on the outside patio so their guests could hear everything, including speeches and announcements going on inside, even if they weren’t able to see what was going on.

“I had so much fun at Jill & Ed’s wedding.  Thanks so much for having me!”


The Barn at Boone’s Dam, Bloomsburg, PA Wedding of Jillian & Ed Cienciva

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