IMG_1499 I love what I do, and getting to work with new couples is always a great experience.  Add in a new unique venue and it makes for a really awesome day.  I had the pleasure of playing for Aimee & Brad Kline’s wedding reception at Front Street Station in Northumberland, PA.



The Venue

IMG_1489If you’ve never been to Front Street Station, it was built in an old train station (hence the name).  To keep the theme up from those days, they have two train cars that serve as the outside walls for the banquet area.  For larger parties, they will even seat some people in the cars for dinner time. They didn’t need the extra space for this wedding, but it still added a cool twist, something that is quite different than any venue that I’ve ever been to.

Time to have some fun

During their reception Brad and Aimee wanted to have a little fun.  To help facilitate that we added in the Shoe Game after dinner.  For those note familiar with it, think of the old Newlywed Game gameshow where the host would ask a series of questions and each couple would answer without knowing what the other picked.  It can be a lot of fun, not just for the couples involved, but also for the guests as they try and help the bride and groom pick a really good answer.

Favorite Moment

IMG_1506As much fun as the whole night was, one particular moment stands out to me.  A special dance for Brad with his new step daughter Emma.  Right after Brad finished his First Dance as husband and wife with Aimee, it felt like the perfect time to have him share a dance with his new daughter.  You could just feel the love from everyone as they watched this very special moment.


Thank You

A special thank you to Elizabeth Hauck and the entire staff at Front Street Station.  They were great to work with and made it seem like I had worked with them many times before.

I had so much fun at Brad & Aimee’s wedding.  Thanks so much for having me!

Here is what Brad & Aimee had to say about their wedding:

“We hired Dan for wedding reception and couldn’t have been happier. He went above and beyond what we expected of a DJ. Our guests had a wonderful time and complimented us on our DJ selection. We would definitely recommend Dan to anyone looking to have a fun, stress free wedding reception.”

Brad & Aimee’s wedding team:

  • Venue: Front Street Station
  • Music/MC: D.C. Entertainment
The Front Street Station, Northumberland, PA Wedding of Aimee & Brad Kline

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